Interview b.Inggris

Interview bhs inggris adalah metode yang di gunakan oleh perusahaan perusahaan besar yang berskala internasional seperti agen kapal pesiar khususnya. Sebenarnya tidak hanya agent kapal pesiar, namun di materi kali ini kita akan bahas interview yang yang berhubungan dengan kerja kapal pesiar khususnya jurusan housekeeping.


Housekeeping adalah salah satu bagian yang bertugas membersihkan ruangan, tempat umum, beres-beres kamar dan kamar mandi serta kolam renang.

  1. Please tell me your experience/what do you do in the hotel/what is your job in the hotel ?

# I have experience as housekeeping attendent for 3 monts and in food beverage for 3 months as wasister in hotel BWPSB/best western premier solo baru

  • What do you do in the hotel? What your duty in the hotel..?

# as a house keeping my duty are:

Service the guest in room and cleaning the bath room and handlle guest laundry cleaning the guest area.

  • How do you cleasn the room ?

#check the rol knock the door greeting <good morning,afternoon,evening>make sure no guest in side .

#what do you do if the guest insiden ?

#i ask the guest an offer when/what timelike me to come back clean it?

The guest need to have the room cleaned?

I am sorry take your time i will come back  mam?what time whould you like me to clean your room?

  • Tell me the steps you clean the room ?

#after knock the door no guest,i enter the room:

#collect the dirty dirty item:garbage,dirty glases,dishes,dirty sheet,dirty linen

#spray the Chemical in the bath room toilet shower,sink,wall floor.

#make up the bad with clean sheet.

#clean up the bathroom scrubing,and rising.

#dusting,wiping,and vacuuming.

#set up the bathroom amenities and supplies.

#check and note/log the time report

#close the door.

  • Why do you want to go singapore ?

#i want to get experience and get the money and i want to work in Cruise ship in the future.

  • How long do you work a day/how many days a week ?

#8 eight to 10 ten houers per day/six 6 days per week

  • Do you have over time  /how much per hours ?

#yes 1 one to 2 two hours.5 five toten 10 thousend per hours

  • How much your salar a month

#1 one milion/one 100 dollars

  • You have friends in singapore ?

#yes in pan Pacific,young,and

  1. What Cruise line do you want to work?

#i want carnival/holland ,royal because the best Company belong to USA

#and salar about 1000 0ne thousand to 2 two thousand as room boy or waiter.        

Housekepping questionary standard

  1. what is the housekepping department ?
  2. what is the housekepping  duty/activity/task/job

   You do in housekepping?

  • what are the areas in the housekepping?

   And whic areas do you work?

  •  how do you clean your areas such as ( ceilling , wall, floor, furnitutre, stainless,            brass, crome, carpet, toilet ) please tell me the steps..!
  • what are the housekepping Chemical do you know ?

  What type of Chemical do you know ?

  What do you use to clean such as as ( ceilling, wall, floor, furnitutre, stainles, brass, crome , carpet, toilet )

  • what are the housekeeping tools do you know ?

  What are the Daily working ?

Please tell me steps how to use the the equipment (…/…/…/…/…)

  • do you know the steps how to clean the guest room ?

enter STATEROOM by knocking the door 3x slowly and wait for the reply.check the bathroom door.

Pas cleaning caddy in the site bathroom and vacuum in side the room

Prep and spray all surfaces in the bathroom with wet rags and dump into tht surfactant  and disinfectanct Chemical caddy

Collect all tras,dirty linen,towel and dishes/glasses

Take all dirty to towel,linen and tras to the CBS stadion

Retrieve supplies bedroom/bathroom from stadion and dishes glasses from Bantry to stateroom directory put in room/bathroom

Make up the bed follow the steps.

  • do you know how to make up the bad ?

set the bed/configuration

put center First pelain sheet.on the stop mattress tuck in top bottom and both side and matras,corner and corner

put center 2nd pelain sheet on the the top sheet in line with top head Board/top of bed

put center (the blanket)on the top of 2ndsheet

put center the top sheet on the blanket in line.with top side blanket/duvet 8 inch,then tuck in both side of bed and bottom of bed and every corner with maitre corner technicque

put on 1st pillow case and place  it on the center of bed

put the bed runner/lungage mat on  embarkation pillow menu,Daily program,flyers

set up stateroom and supplies retrieve supplies

clean up/scrub all bathroom surfaces and rinse bathroom set up and supplies

  • what are the room amenities and supplies ?
  • what are the bathroom amenities consist of ?

shampoo conditioner,bath gel,body lotion,bath/hand shoap,shower cap,sewing kit

bring out cleaning caddy and the cek all over,note any fault and then Close the door and turn off light

  1. what are the bathroom supplies consist of ?

2 bath towels,hand towels,2 wash cloths/face towels,1 bath math,2 bathroom glasses

2 toilet paper/toilet rolls,2 tissue,4 female sanitary bags

  1. how do you operate the (…) Machines ?
  2. what is the step of pholishing / buffing / stripping / shampooing / scrubbing ?


  1. What is housekepping ? laundry department? Who are those leaders?
  2. What is USHP stand for:
  3. What is USCG? Stand for:
  4. What is a cabin steward(CBS)  A GPA HK/ Hotel cleaner?
  5. Please mention 10 examples of equipments?
  6. Please mention 10 examples of Chemical?
  7. Please mention examples of tools:
  8. What is surfectant characteristic type Chemical? Give 5 examples:
  9. What is disinfecttant characteristic type Chemical? give 5 examples:
  10. Mention some 10 examples of the Daily working
  11.   Chemical
  12.   Equipments
  13.   Tools

4. what are the elemen of cleaning consis of?

5.please mention some type of surfaces!

6. what are the surfaces? What are they?

7. please give me 5 examples of the each above surfac maintenance

     They are …………………………………………………………surfaces. and please!

  1. Give some examples for their DAILY TERMS maintenance tasks:
  2. Give some examples for their MEDIUM TERMS maintenance tasks:
  3. Give some examples for their LONG TERMS maintenance tasks

9. please mention the name of falities bellows will be use for above (Daily/ medium/   long) ?

1. what kinds of Chemicals will be used:

2. what kinds of toolswill be used:

3. what kinds of equipments will be used:

10. how do you do clean the Bantry as per USHP standard procedure?

11. what are the Three bucket system? Explain steps and each function!

12. what is make up the stateroom service?pleace explaint step of makeup stateroom           in Daily basic?

13. what is turndown service?

14. Please describe the steps and housekeeping operasional procedure of:          1.steps of cabin bathroom cleaning.            2. Steps of public cleaning.

15. Please describe the hiuskeeping operasional procedure of clean up stateroom of embarcation day?

16. a. What is PPM? PPM stan for?      B. What is MSDS? MSDS stan for?

17. what is PPE? PPE stand for?

18. what is formulator room/ tower dispenser Locke?

19. what is check list log/temperature log/ time attendant?

20. what is cabin steward Bantry? What can you find inside?

21. what is cabin steward stadion? What can you find insiden?

22. what is crew area? Please give me 8 example:

23. what is guest area? Pleasse give me 8 example:

24. what is NLV? What is the shimptoms?

25. what is GIS? How to prevent it from spreading?

26. what is the emergency kit bucket? What is it consist of?

27. what is GIS/NLV Locke?

28. what is the bed bug?

29. what is isolated guest?

30. what team is responsible for cleaning up NLV isolated room?

31. Please, describe the steps of making a bed?

32. please describe of bathroom perfect set up consist of!

33. please describe of stateroom set up consist of!

34. please do the introduction and stateroom orientation:

35. please mention all kinds of terry/towels!

36. please mention all kinds of nerry/linen:

37. please mention bathroom suplies:…   amenities consist of:…

38. please mention stateroom supplies consist of: … flyer consist of…

39. what is HK tailor, main laundry? Main washer ? main dryer? Mangle (flat work ironer? Pressing Machines? Streamer Machines? Dry / wet cleaning room? Linen room?

40. what are laundry Chemical? What are wet/ dry clean Chemical?

41. how many kinds stain blaster and what each function?

42. what are lean trap? How are the cleaning process and schedule?

43. what is marker Machines? Shorting / marking room?

44. what are fire ignite/ combustible materials?

45. please explain, what are the meaning and housekeeping operasional procedure


  1. a. Dusting                                           b. Soapy soapy
  2. a. Sweeping/brooming                     b. Vacuuming
  3. a. spotting                                          b. Scuring/bloking
  4. a.mooping                                          b. Scrubbing
  5. a.stripping                                          b.neutralizing
  6. a.rinsing                                              b.restorasing
  7. a.waxing/coating/warnising             b.floor finishing
  8. a.blowering                                        b.buffing
  9. a.shinning                                           b.pholising
  10. a.mooping                                         b. Boneting
  11. duplexing/scrubing                          b. Shampoing
  12. blowering/drying                             b. Preping/ spraying
  13. applying/ diluting                            b. Damping/imersing/soaking/Putting in:
  14. wringing                                            b. Squeezing
  15. shorting                                             b. Marking
  16. checking                                            b. Washing circle
  17. rinsing circle                                      b. Drying circle
  18. srinkle relesing                                  b. Dry cleaning/ wet cleaning
  19. presssing                                            b. Irroning
  20. steaming                                            b. Folding
  21. straching                                           b. Hanging
  22. collect and check marking               b. Delivering
  23. log/temperatur recording/ time attending/ acknowledge signature/:
  1. what has been your biggest challenge ?
  2. what do you  do as housekeeping? Can you describe the job descriotion?
  3. Why do you want to work in in the Cruise ship?
  4. How would you or your family feel if you have to move away from home?
  5. Tell me more about your Education
  6. Have they taught you about Health and Safety in the workplace?
  7. Do you ever have any bad experience about Health and Safety?
  8. Why do you want to do the housekeeping job?
  9. What is your biggest proud moment in your life?
  10. If your co-worker is being bad to you, how do you react?
  11. How do you do to maket hem feel Bette?
  12. In which departement do you want to work in most?
  13. Who was your biggest influence in your life?
  14. What do you do in leisure time?
  15. How many rooms have you ever cleaned as your experience became housekeeper?
  16. How long does it take you to do in one  room?
  17. Do you work alone or with colleague?
  18. Will you be allright in noon or night sift?
  19. How and where did you Learn english?
  20. How would you cope with different languange and culture?


  1. What is housekeeping departemen? Laundry departemen? Who are those leaders?
  2. What is USPH? What does it stand for?
  3. What is USCG? What is USCG stand for?
  4. What is cabin steward (CBS) ? A GPA HK/ hotel cleaner?
  5. Please mention 10 examples of equipments?
  6. Please mention 10 examples of Chemical?
  7. Please mention 10 examples of tools?
  8. What is suefectant characteristic type Chemical? Give 5 examples?
  9. Mention 10 examples of the Daily working: a. Chemical b. Equipment c. tools
  10. What is disinfectant characteristic type Chemical? Give 5 examples?
  11. What are the elements of cleaning consist of?
  12. Please mention some type of surfaces?
  13. What are the surfaces?
  14. Please give 5 examples of each above surface maintenance?
  15. Give examples for their Daily terms maintenance task?
  16. Give examples for their medium terms maintenance task?
  17. Give examples for their long terms maintenance task?
  18. Mention the names of facilities bellows will be used above Daily/medium/long?
  19. What kinds of Chemicals will be used?
  20. What kinds of tool will be used?
  21. What kinds of equipment will be used?
  22. How do you clean the pantry as per USPH standard procedure?
  23. What are the Three buckets systems? Explain the steps and each function?
  24. What is make up the stateroom service? Please explain the step of make up state room in Daily basis?
  25. What is turn down service?
  26. Please describe steps and housekeeping operasional procedure of:
  27. Steps of cabin bathroom cleaning?
  28. Steps of public toilet cleaning?
  • Please describe the housekeeping operasional procedure of clean up stateroom on embarcation day?
  • What is PPM? What does it stand for?
  • What is MSDS? What does it stand for?
  • What is PPE? What is PPE stand for?
  • What is formulator room/tower dispenser Locker?
  • What is check list log/temperature log/ time attendanct?
  • What is cabin steward pantry? What can you find insiden?
  • What is cabin steward stadion? What can you find insiden?
  • What is crew area? Please give 8 examples?
  • What is guest area? Please give 8 examples?

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